Rain, gales and ice blizzards. Parched, tinder-dry fields.

There are alien invasions, military maneuvers and toxic waste, and all before the Wood family even start their Alpine caravan adventure. Why? Because it is fun. It is holidays.


Travelling in a Box is about a family and their passion for all things camping and caravanning. As they embark on a pan-European adventure with their thirty-year-old caravan in tow, will their unbreakable tolerance for ‘fun’ be pushed to new limits?


Bendy caravans, self-destructing cars, furious French police.

Flash floods, and unearthly sounds from the sky.

It’s all normal touring on a Wood family holiday.


They’ve seen the Alps and they’re ready for more.

But with a new-found appetite for far-away places, 

how might the Woods fare now they’re just Two in a Box? 

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